Submitted/Completed Working Papers

  • Robust Allocation of Elective Surgeries to Operating Rooms: Modelling ICU Demand Uncertainty amid Epidemic Outbreaks such as COVID-19, with Zongli Dai and Jian-Jun Wang.

  • Coordination of a Supply Chain with Nash Bargaining Fairness Concerns, with Zhong-Ping Li, Jian-Jun Wang, and Jim (Junmin) Shi.

  • Managing a Dual-Channel Supply Chain with Cross-Channel Effect of the Service Effort, with Mengqi Liu, Ke Liang, Rui Huang, and Sanjoy Ghose.

  • Manufacturer- versus Retailer-initiated Bundling: Implications for the Supply Chain, with Qingning Cao, Yuanzhao Tang, and Jianqiang Zhang.

  • Bundling Conspicuous Goods in a Distribution Channel, with Mingjun Li and Xiang Ji.

  • Product Quality and Retail Service Strategies in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain: The Effects of Free-Riding and Demand Disruptions, with Zhenyang Pi, Weiguo Fang, and Baofeng Zhanga.

Selected Work in Progress

  • Data-Driven Condition-Based Maintenance for Perpetual Systems, with Varun Gupta, Hongwei Long, and Xiaohang Yue.

  • Optimizing Starvation to Avoid Cannibalization: Retailer's Strategies for Markets in Crisis, with Syagnik Banerjee and Metin Cakanyildirim.

  • Resource Reallocation in Coordinating Hierarchical Medical System: Fee-for-Capacity versus Performance Payment Schemes, with Jian-Jun Wang and Zhong-Ping Li.

  • A Review of Inventory Models with Fixed Costs: Optimality of (s,S) and (s,S)-Type Policies, with Suresh Sethi.

  • Retail Competition using Drones, with Xuying Zhao, Milind Dawande, and Vijay Mookerjee.

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